Maclaren Techno XLR Stroller – Lightweight and Full Of Features

Maclaren Techno XLR Stroller – Lightweight and Full Of Features

Since I was a baby product and accessory reviewer for many years, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with new parents at neighborhood events and other social gatherings. At a dinner party last night, I was able to talk with a mother who was in the midst of her difficult search for baby gear. She was specifically looking for a stroller that had decent features and could carry an infant car seat. And she wanted something light. She said, “You would be shocked at how heavy they are.” I was the one who reviews baby products’ products, and she said this to her (smile).

“I may be able to assist you.” I replied, “There are lightweight strollers that can be used for infant car seats. Maclaren’s Techno XLR stroller, which weighs in at just 16 pounds, is the first thing that comes to my mind.

The kind lady, the expecting mother, was very concerned about loading her stroller into her car and unloading it. She believed that she would have to compromise on features and functionality in order to lift her stroller (without harming herself). Let’s have a look at Techno, the stroller I recommended to her.

The Techno XLR is light and luxurious. The Techno XLR is top-of-the-line. It features a comfortable padded seat and a padded shoulder harness.

Techno’s lightweight frame is what sets it apart from other strollers. It’s possible to have all the features of a stroller without having to carry it. It’s no surprise that the Maclaren company was started by an aeronautical engineer.


5-point safety harness

Adjustable the best stroller for travel height handles

Lightweight all-aluminum frame

Large front wheels with swivels

Front and rear suspension

Adjustable height child foot rest

Canopy featuring a UV protected viewing glass, mesh vents and storage pockets.

Infant car seat compatibility

Cover for your seat, removable and washable

Rain cover

Mesh storage basket

Lifetime guarantee


This lightweight stroller is easy to fold, transport, store, and transport

You can use almost any infant car seat

Easily maneuver your Techno XLR stroller

The versatile canopy protects your baby and the 5-point safety harness for children helps to keep them safe

You will feel comfortable with the all-wheel suspension and padded handles.

Maclaren’s life-time guarantee gives you peace of mind.

Who uses the Techno XLR?

Parents who are new to the parenting profession may need to transport their infant in an infant car seat.

Parents who are looking for a stroller with umbrella-like functionality that is lightweight and easy to use, but still has standard-sized capabilities.

Parents who travel frequently will need a stroller that is large enough to carry their children.

What works well?

It’s easy to fold your stroller – just a few steps and you are on your way.

The Techno stroller is very maneuverable due to its weight, swivel wheels and all-wheel suspension.

The Techno stroller comes with a rain cover. The rain cover snaps on to protect your baby from the elements.

You can attach your infant car seat securely to the reclining seat by adjusting its four levels.

Why would you want to buy the Techno XLR

The Techno stroller is sturdy and Maclaren, stroller manufacturer, backs it with a lifetime guarantee

All stroller frames by Maclaren are made from high-quality, all-aluminum materials.

Other strollers to be considered

Graco Metrolite stroller – If you are looking for an umbrella stroller that has an accessible storage basket, take a look at Metrolite. The stroller’s ‘lower and load’ storage basket makes it easy to access your gear.

Maclaren Volo stroller: If you’re looking for a stroller that is more affordable from Maclaren (a great stroller maker), the Maclaren Volo may be for you.

Joovy Kooper- Joovy, like Maclaren, makes great strollers. Although the Joovy Kooper doesn’t carry infant car seats, it is a lightweight umbrella stroller.


Review sections usually include “what’s not working well” as well as “why you shouldn’t buy this…”. These sections were not completed for the review. The Techno XLR is a great product. The Techno XLR is a great choice.