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Playing games in our free time can always be a good thing to relieve our stress. This becomes even better if we play the games on notable game consoles that have many users as well as the network to connect those users. That way, we will always be able to play in multiplayer modes of our favorite games with other people around the world. Thanks to the advanced technology of internet, now one of the biggest (or maybe the biggest) game console companies, Sony Entertainment, has made a network that makes its consoles’ users can do many things like downloading new games, demos, and other downloadable contents as well as making friends with other users. This network is called Playstation Network or people usually call it PSN. Even though it has been changed into Sony Entertainment Network or SEN, most people still call it PSN due to its familiar name to most gamers.


There are many things that can be talked about when it comes to PSN. However, there is something that is very interesting about PSN. That thing is PSN code. PSN code is a code that a PSN user can use to download many downloadable contents from the PSN Store. Unfortunately, getting that code in the PSN is not an easy thing for new gamers. Unfortunately again, that PSN code is quite helpful if we want to download the contents from the PSN Store. It can be said that PSN code is like a voucher that grants you the virtual money to buy the contents from PSN Store. So, many Playstation gamers always want to get PSN codes, especially the free ones. That way, they will have the requirement needed for enjoying endless entertaining contents from Playstation.


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