Complete the Survey and Get Your Precious PSN Codes for Free!

Playing games in our free time can always be a good thing to relieve our stress. This becomes even better if we play the games on notable game consoles that have many users as well as the network to connect those users. That way, we will always be able to play in multiplayer modes of our favorite games with other people around the world. Thanks to the advanced technology of internet, now one of the biggest (or maybe the biggest) game console companies, Sony Entertainment, has made a network that makes its consoles’ users can do many things like downloading new games, demos, and other downloadable contents as well as making friends with other users. This network is called Playstation Network or people usually call it PSN. Even though it has been changed into Sony Entertainment Network or SEN, most people still call it PSN due to its familiar name to most gamers.


There are many things that can be talked about when it comes to PSN. However, there is something that is very interesting about PSN. That thing is PSN code. PSN code is a code that a PSN user can use to download many downloadable contents from the PSN Store. Unfortunately, getting that code in the PSN is not an easy thing for new gamers. Unfortunately again, that PSN code is quite helpful if we want to download the contents from the PSN Store. It can be said that PSN code is like a voucher that grants you the virtual money to buy the contents from PSN Store. So, many Playstation gamers always want to get PSN codes, especially the free ones. That way, they will have the requirement needed for enjoying endless entertaining contents from Playstation.


Fortunately, we are here to help you getting such PSN codes for free. However, you may want to ask, “why are we giving away free PSN codes?” It is quite generous if we know the importance of PSN codes. Well, the answer for that question is quite simple. Of course there is nothing free in this world. However, what you need to do to get the free PSN codes from us is a very easy thing to do. You only need to complete the surveys or offers that come to you when you visit our website to get the free PSN codes. It is as simple as that. If you want to know more about why do we exchange such precious codes with mere surveys or offers, then you can say that it is our deals with our sponsors and you don’t really need to know much more about that. As long as you get the PSN codes freely by completing the surveys or offers, then we are both happy.


Now, you have known about the background of these psn code generator. The next thing you want to do next must be about, “how to get free PSN codes?” because that must be the reason why you come to our website. It is quite simple. As stated before, you only need to choose your desired card and share the website. After that, you need to click the “Get Code” button and do a survey. After you complete the survey, the full PSN code you desire so much is ready for you. It is as simple as that.

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Clash of Clans: Grow your clan and lord over the internet

In an era when professionals do not have enough spare time to give to their family and friends, finding them sparing time out of busy schedule to play a video game is sure to make you wonder what is special about a “video game”. On the other hand, this also suggests that there must be something very extraordinary about that game which makes people hook up to it like an addiction. Yes, that’s right, there is something very extraordinary about the game that I am mentioning and that is the strategies that you need to make to cross the several hurdles along the way. Now let me come to the point, Clash of Clans, developed and published by Supercell, is an online multiplayer game which allows the player to build a community and train its troops, and further attack the opponents to earn elixir and gold, which are used to upgrade and train the troops even further, while building enough defenses to protect oneself from others.

The game has received widespread recognition since its launch and has been one of the topmost strategy games currently available for the legion of smart phones. The game was initially launched for the iOS platform in August, 2012, and was launched on the Google Play Store on October 7, 2013 before being soft launched on September 30, 2013 in Finland and Canada. Troops, buildings, clan wars and gems are the Gameplay components. Besides being a strategy game, this game allows you to make a clan of yourself by forging string association with other players and making a formidable group. This group will fight with other group to come up supreme in this Clash of Clans. Every bit of nugget about this game is interesting and that is what it makes this game so addictive.

Clash of Clans is absolutely free to play on all the App stores but there is some game items for which you would have to shed some of your real money. However, if you are the one in search for some free gold, elixir and gems, then there is nothing better to spare off some more time and know about Clash of Clans hack. By using a hack tool, the player would gain access to a secret file which in turn will help the player to collect as many gems, gold and elixir to make their arsenal even more powerful than ever.

Clash of Clans hack tool is really powerful and undetectable. To use it, all you need to do is to download and install the software and then select either android or iOS as per your playing device. After that, connect your device and make your device detected. Once your device is detected, fill out the number of coins, elixir, and gems and there you go! All the resources will be added your account in some time. Go on, make yourself powerful than ever, and reign supreme upon your rivals.

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Beginners Guide to Castle Clash

Castle clash is a fantasy war strategy game. The basic game is free and is on charts for top games in mobile platform . The game is present on both Android and iOS platform. The game can be played on single player mode and multiplayer. The concept of a game is copy of Clash of Clans . Thus, if you have played it before , it won’t take much time for you to get in practice with this game. However , this game includes more features like requesting troops from your network etc. Castle-Clash As you start the game for the first time, you will be provided a base with no defense at all. You have to improve your base and troops as game progresses. With every level you clear up, you will have a battle with pre built base. There are total of 9 platforms in game , where you can battle. By winning battles , you earn resources through which you can upgrade your base and hire more troops and establish heroes. This is where you have to apply your strategy . You have to design such a layout for your base that there are a few chances that your opponent can destroy your base. You have to protect your resources from the attackers. Like other games of its type, buildings play the pivot role in such games. You can create fortresses , bases and blend , depending on your requirement. As each has its own weakness and strong points. Combat battle is semi automatic in castle clash. You just have to move your player to the targetlocation by tapping the building and your troop member will go there and attack on its own. There are 4 different types of troops in the game. These types are :

  • Normal Troops
  • Ranged Troops
  • Magic Troops
  • Destructive Troops

Now here are some important buildings, you should have the information about. The core building or I can say the building on which all your game progress depends on is town hall. Upgrading your town hall , unlocks other buildings on your game . Upgrading it , also removes the bound of upgrade on other buildings and sets the upgrade tap higher for other buildings. Vaults are the second most important building in your game. You need to maintain good defense around it as it is the place where you stock your gold and mana collected from battles or bought through inApp purchase. Use Towers near your vault as they have highest HP and have more effective attacks. These buildings are the best form of defense. Apart from army troops , there are Heroes in game. Heroes are powerful . You need to be smart placing your Heroes in game . There are many other heroes in game. Some heroes are exclusive for specific conditions. E.g Succubus and ninja are better at arena battle. Their skill level is enhanced in arena team battle. Droid is a hero that can work on all form of battles including raid and dungeon. Like troops , Heroes are also divided in 5 categories, which are as follows :

  • Sacrifice Heroes
  • Ordinary Heroes
  • Elite Heroes
  • Legendary Heroes
  • Bosses

Concluding my guide , I would like to give some quick tips. Build your network as you can get helping troops from your network too. Play multiplayer games , as they are the fastest way of collecting resources. Lastly don’t fall for castle clash hack links spread all over internet. These castle clash hacks guarantee unlimited resources like gold , mana and gems for your game. These links are scam and will damage your own game privacy.Happy playing !

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